Rossfit Re-Begins
So… here’s the deal. Well over a year ago I decided to do Crossfit. It lasted about six months, and then… I got lazy and stopped doing it. Then I got super out of shape. 
Here I am now, six months before my wedding day, and it’s time to get serious again… so today I am going back to my first Rossfit class in well over a year… probably about two years… Instead of writing a whole new intro post, I’ll just got ahead and re-post my original kick-off post below…
That said, you can following my journey of awesomeness here…
Hi, I am Ross. I am starting this blog to chronicle my ferocious journey of fitness. I hope that you’ll follow me along my pilgrimage. The road will be paved with sweat, intensity, rusted metal, that chalky stuff, and other bodily fluids.

As you might have imagined, Rossfit is a pun based on the addition of my name (Ross) to the word Crossfit. If you didn’t understand that before, now you do. To make this crystal clear, I will provide a definition because I will never… NEVER… explain it again on this blog.

Rossfit - a noun used to describe someone named Ross who participates in Crossfit

I decided to start participating in Crossfit because I wanted to get back in shape, and I am lazy, which means I needed to pay someone to kick my ass for me. I think it makes sense because I am - after all - an American. 

This will not be one of those super intense Crossfit blogs where I tell you what I ate, and take pictures of my belly to prove to you that it’s getting smaller. This is also not one of those blogs where I say super intense things about the super intense workouts they make me do. I will not be taking black and white pictures of buff dudes with sweat dripping down their protruding foreheads, nor will I be taking pictures of empty containers of MUSCLE MILK. 

This blog is a way for me to complain about things like how badly my knees hurt, how tight my hammies are right now, and the ways that the Indian buffet I ate for lunch will impact my workout. That way, I don’t have to complain to my girlfriend when I get home and we can talk about normal things like the massages we’re getting this weekend.

I will also be posting super intense quotes from super intense dudes and women about things like Oak trees standing in the forest, abstractions of abstractions, and suffering. We’ll see how that one goes…

But seriously, I am not quite sure what this will become. All I know is that I want it to be funny, entertaining, and follow Summer of Fitness 2012 (#SOF2012)